Spring term, 2021

This term we are working with Sarah Tenant-Flowers, on Zoom at least to begin with.

Sarah has provided us with these vocal exercises on YouTube.


Links to pdfs:

Learning materials for the Vespers (includes midi and mp3 files, and recording of rehearsal with language coach)

Midi and MP3 files for the three Elgar pieces are available in the collection maintained by John Fletcher (JohnF’s Rehearsal Files) . You need a subscription to access these files, but a free one can easily be obtained.

Rehearsals so far

PartStarts at

23 February

Vespers 7 (Slava v vishnih)12 minutes
Vespers 8 (Hvalite imia)23 minutes
Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, Tebe Poyem46 minutes

16 February

Intro, Jo and TommyBeginning
Warm-up4 minutes
Elgar’s Ave Maria16 minutes
Elgar’s Ave maris stella30 minutes
Vespers 15 (Zbrannoy voyevode)45 minutes

9 February

Vespers 3 (Blazhén Muzh)12 minutes
Vespers 13 (Dnes spaseniye)23 minutes
Vespers 9 (Blagosloven yesi, Ghospodi)40 minutes
Elgar’s Ave maris stella57 minutes

2 February

Vespers 1 (Priidite, poklonimsia – revision)10 minutes
Vespers 6 (Bogoroditse Devo)
including Vigil structure and links to icons
18 minutes
Vespers 9 (Blagosloven yesi, Ghospodi)42 minutes

26 January

Vespers 7 (Slava v vishnih)12 minutes
Elgar’s Ave verum corpus35 minutes
Vespers 9 (Blagosloven yesi, Ghospodi)52 minutes

19 January

Vespers 1 (Priidite, poklonimsia)14 minutes
Vespers 3 (Blazhén Muzh)34 minutes
Elgar’s Ave Maria54 minutes

12 January

Vespers 3 (Blazhén Muzh)Beginning
Elgar’s Ave Maria8 minutes

Index to Zoom recordings

Each cell shows the start time of the session dealing with the listed movement in the recording of the date shown. And the number is a link that will take you there.

1. Priidite1410
2. Blagoslovi
3. Blazhen muzh03412
4. Svete tihiy
5. Nine otpushchayeshi
6. Bogoroditse Devo18
7. Slava v vishnih1212
8. Hvalite imia23
9. Blagosloven yesi524240
10. Voskreseniye Hristovo
11. Velichit dusha
12. Velikoye slavosloviye
13. Tropar’. Dnes spaseniye23
14. Tropar’. Voskres iz groba
15. Vzbrannoy voyevode45
Chyrsostom, Tebe Poyem46
Ave verum corpus35
Ave Maria85416
Ave maris stella5730