Zoom sessions

This page brings together recordings of the Zoom sessions we have been holding, together with the links and material provided for them.

Autumn term

22 September – Art song and Accompanying


The Sky Above the Roof, Ralph Vaughan Williams

15 September – Choral conducting

Recording of Zoom session

8 September – Sing-through of Fauré Requiem

Spring term

25 June – Concert

23 June – Quiz

16 June – Cecilia McDowall

Recording of Zoom session

9 June – Masterclasses

Recording of Zoom session

26 May – Acting and performance

Recording of Zoom session

Sent round afterwards

19 May – Semi-occluded vocal tract (SOVT) exercises

Recording of Zoom session – with straws

Videos to watch beforehand

Jo’s warm-up videos

12 May – Baltic programme – sectional for tenors and basses

Recorded Zoom session

5 May – Baltic programme – sectional for sopranos and altos

Recorded Zoom session

28 April – Baltic programme

Recorded Zoom session

21 April – Score annotation, Kodaly, intervals

Recorded Zoom session

Worksheet on score annotation, Kodaly, intervals

31 March – Kodaly, sight-singing

Recorded Zoom session

Worksheet: Keys Kodaly

Sight-singing practice video

Jo’s training videos for National Youth Choir:

Sight-singing app:

24 March

Acclimatize to Zoom