Summer term, 2020

This page brings together recordings of the Zoom sessions we held in the Summer term, together with the links and material provided for them. For the Autumn term, click here.

25 June – Concert

23 June – Quiz

16 June – Cecilia McDowall

Recording of Zoom session

9 June – Masterclasses

Recording of Zoom session

26 May – Acting and performance

Recording of Zoom session

Sent round afterwards

19 May – Semi-occluded vocal tract (SOVT) exercises

Recording of Zoom session – with straws

Videos to watch beforehand

Jo’s warm-up videos

12 May – Baltic programme – sectional for tenors and basses

Recorded Zoom session

5 May – Baltic programme – sectional for sopranos and altos

Recorded Zoom session

28 April – Baltic programme

Recorded Zoom session

21 April – Score annotation, Kodaly, intervals

Recorded Zoom session

Worksheet on score annotation, Kodaly, intervals

31 March – Kodaly, sight-singing

Recorded Zoom session

Worksheet: Keys Kodaly

Sight-singing practice video

Jo’s training videos for National Youth Choir:

Sight-singing app:

24 March

Acclimatize to Zoom