Autumn term, 2020

This term is a mix of in-person and Zoom rehearsals. Links to Zoom recordings and supporting material are below.

Music for the term

Samuel Coleridge Taylor – The Lee Shore
Barbara Strozzi – Silenzio Nocivo

Heinrich Schütz – Meine Seele erhebt den Herren, SWV 426 (German Magnificat)

Rehearsals so far

17 November

Including the Coventry Carol, the Cherry Tree Carol and the Schütz

Audio recording of Zoom session

10 November

Schütz and Strozzi, with Italian coaching from Lucy Goddard

Audio recording of Zoom session

3 November

Audio recording of Zoom session

27 October

Recording of Zoom session

20 October

We sang through Purcell’s ‘Remember not, Lord, our offences’ and then Samuel Coleridge Taylor’s The Lee Shore and finished with a quarter of an hour on Barbara Strozzi’s Silencio Nocivo.

Recording of Zoom session

13 October

We sang Tallis (O Nata Lux) and started work on Barbara Strozzi’s Silencio Nocivo

Recording of Zoom session

6 October

We sang Tallis (If Ye Love Me and O Nata Lux), and started work on Samuel Coleridge Taylor’s The Lee Shore

Recording of Zoom session

Zoom only sessions

29 September – Guilty Pleasures: large scale works

We sang through bits of Verdi’s Requiem and Carmina Burana. Not recorded.

22 September – Art song and Accompanying

Recording of Zoom session

The Sky Above the Roof, Ralph Vaughan Williams

15 September – Choral conducting

Recording of Zoom session

8 September – Sing-through of Fauré Requiem